Hello. My name is Fernando Moreira. I am a director and cinematographer originally from Curitiba, Brazil. My work spans music videos, commercials, fiction and documentary. Here are a few things I made during the last few years. 

Português / Español

Tuyo. Eu Não Te Conheço. December 2019.

featured on Director's Notes.
featured on Booooooom.
featured on Mâché.
shortlisted at 45º Anuário do Clube de Criação.
shortlisted at Berlin Commercial 2020 - New Generation Award, and Craft categories for Directing, Cinematography and Producion Design.  

Coca-Cola Australia. December 2018.

Marrakesh. Moonhealing. March 2018.

featured on Booooooom.
mvf 2018 - Best Brazilian Music Video Nominee

Tang. October 2018.

Throughout the last couple of years, I have been living with no fixed base and working in different places across Latin America. I  am currently in Xapuri (AC), Northern Brazil. Here, I am directing a documentary and developing an educational project. Say hi at ferpamoreira@gmail.com or at +55 41 999728414.