Hello. My name is Fernando Moreira. I am a director and cinematographer originally from Curitiba, Brazil. My work spans music videos, commercials, fiction and documentary. Here are a few things I made during the last few years. 

Português / Español

Tuyo. Eu Não Te Conheço. December 2019.

featured on Director's Notes.
featured on Booooooom.
featured on Mâché.
shortlisted at Berlin Commercial 2020 - New Generation Award, and Craft categories for Directing, Cinematography and Producion Design.  

Coca-Cola Australia. December 2018.

Marrakesh. Moonhealing. March 2018.

featured on Booooooom.
mvf 2018 - Best Brazilian Music Video Nominee

Tang. October 2018.

Throughout the last couple of years, I have been living with no fixed base and working in different places across Latin America. I  am currently in Xapuri (AC), Northern Brazil. Here, I am directing a documentary and developing an educational project. Say hi at ferpamoreira@gmail.com or at +55 41 999728414.